Founded in 2003, the Tetrus Corporation provides information sharing and analysis products and services to Public Safety, Homeland Security, Justice and Corrections stakeholders. Their portfolio leverages subject matter expertise surrounding national standards and industry best practices to afford each client a holistic approach to technology initiatives. They offer a complete spectrum of planning, development, integration implementation and project management services to complement their product portfolio.

Tetrus participates in numerous national associations and committees dedicated to interoperability and information sharing. They are currently applying their robust experience in the sharing and analysis of information and identification of patterns indicative of potential terrorism activity to introduce new concepts of real-time, multijurisdictional and multidisciplinary collaboration.

links local/County/State OMS & JMS Databases which improves Safety and Security which saves time
expedites Transfer of County inmates to Prison; 
significant savings to County and State
Public SafetyLink-
law Enforcement & Investigator Software searches
and analyze multiple Data Sources
Aids Social Workers, Parole, Probation, Treatment
Centers Facilitate Successful Reentry
Document Sexual threats and Assults; Reports;
Tracks & Manages Investigations
tracking, recording, reporting complying