Monitoring Social Media

As we depend on Social Media to tell the World about where we are, what we are doing, eating and drinking and all of our social activities, we also can monitor those who are more inclined to criminal activities as well.

Your Social fingerprint can be found in many places beyond your thoughts. The Dark Web tracks every activity Social Media creates and it tracks those who are home, away from home, travelling, sleeping etc.etc.etc. Great opportunity for CRIME. As a Society, we want to let everyone know what we are doing.. Wrong......You just opened your doors and let everyone inside.

Schools Shootings are something we can avert by monitoring the Social Activity in and around schools. We've stopped many incidents recently since our Software has been released...Be more mindful of your surroundings.

AISSC, Corp's Sentinnel, Situation Awareness Software can help. Every School Board, City Council and City should be using some type of Software to avert these activities. Technology can help in many ways. Stop Crying after the fact and be proactive with us.

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