Live Situation Awareness

My Team brings subject matter expertise to this Blog with contracted ex-Police Commanders who understand managing Public Safety issues and concerns.

As I speak for them, it's critical to understand the importance of the word "LIVE" in the above caption. The capabilities of such solutions sometimes fall short of viewing "Live" incidents. Some will question why is it needed. Well, for obvious reasons, most Public Safety/Police Departments need access to many data feeds including the prosecutors and Defense Attorneys to help manage, verify and predict situations.

As we become fixated on technology in today's social environment, it's important to understand how it can enhance not only the most popular media outlets but interactively help our communities.

Live situation Awareness allows manageability for many issues, crime, disasters, crowd control to name a few. There are many papers written on this subject none addresses the "how to" factor and the best way for Public Safety officials to enhance more secure communities Think about the situations of alleged Police brutality that a Commander can map a video on the street or body/dash cam to a Police report to determine the situation as it happened. If the dash or body cam is turn off surrounding feeds are still available.

Thinking about the street corners in high crime areas of the larger Cities where Commanders can predict situations live before it happens, using Heterogeneous cameras and traffic cam is of importance to everyone.

What about natural disasters, Hurricanes, floods to name a few. Someone sitting in a Command Center knowing when to deploy help and Federal Resources for a faster response. The phrase Live situation Awareness is not just for Crime but for the everyday life we live.

The representation for such a solution exist, that includes Social Media and the Dark Web where personal information shows up daily. The total solution has an all inclusive data feed integrated into an agnostic systems which monitors Live CAD, ingest criminal data, facial recognition, vehicle/traffic monitoring, license Plate readers, heterogeneous camera feeds, offenders reentry monitoring to name a few.

Yes, it's here and now. Response is welcomed.

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