Gun Shot detection

Everyone is running around passing judgement on Gun control, when in the true sense, you can use technology to have immediate control over issues such as School shootings, active shooters etc..etc..

Decision makers, please change the way you think and begin looking at a more effective way around these sort of issues. Lets get more technology into public spaces, community spaces and most of all schools, We have better control on hand today. Coupled with facial recognition, as it happens, we can identify who, when and where.

Here's an abstract by Jillian Carr of Purdue University - Krannert School of Management.

— Gunshot detection new evidence on the extent of underreporting of gun violence. Criminal activity is often selectively underreported – that is, underreported in a non-random manner. This can make it difficult to understand public safety problems and devise effective policy strategies to address them. However, new surveillance technologies are facilitating the collection of more accurate data on crime. In this post, we describe data on gunfire incidents, recorded using a tool called ShotSpotter. We compare those data with previously-available data on gun violence (reported crime and 911 calls) to estimate baseline correlations between these measures as well as the causal effect of gunfire incidents on reporting. There are statistic which shows that only 12% of gunfire incidents result in a 911 call to report gunshots, and only 2-7% of incidents result in a reported assault with a dangerous weapon. These extremely low reporting rates have important implications for research on gun violence. The characteristics and research potential of ShotSpotter data are relevant to surveillance data more broadly; while such data have not yet been exploited by social scientists, they could be extremely valuable for crime research and policy.

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