Why would anyone want to block Facial recognition?

In a world where we are being constantly monitored known and unknown, facial Recognition Software is important. I firmly believe if you have nothing to hide, why bother if it's invading your privacy. This software is used to catch those who are wanted by the authorities and strictly enforced.

However, most people uses Credit card with a CHIP that has all of their personal information embedded, SSN, address and other personal information How secure is that. Some are making Facial Recognition an issue of civil rights and privacy? WOW we live a very biased world that is full of self indulgence.When you are robbed or molested, it's expected for the Authorities to have answers immediately. Does this make you think?

We offer best of breed Recognition Software and it's sold as suggested. For those who need to have immediate answers for the Wanted.

Let's have an open a discussion!

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