Active Shooter Training.

In the past couple of weeks and Months , it' became apparent we need to train and educate everyone on how to protect themselves in the event of an active shooter in their Workspace or Social environment. Active Shooters are now in everyday life.

Unfortunate as it may seem, americans "kick the can" down the street attitude, not being aware of their surroundings has to stop. We need to take a more active approach to awareness. An Active Shooter can be anywhere, the Movies, Schools, Hospitals, Gyms, this is just a few places that are frequented.

Malls and Crowded places where people gathered such as Las Vegas, sometimes need to be rethought. Not to say we shouldn't attend open air events but be suspicious of everyone if you can't openly feel safe and be aware. The operative word is "awareness".

Keep an active eye on exit routes, "best and how to" exit quickly and safely in the event of an emergency. Companies like AISSC who have technologies to facilitate early warnings and interact with Cameras shouldn't be the only preference. It's critical to be safe more than anything our KIDs, Elderly and Ourselves

In Offices look for the desks, the chairs, the doors, the large offices, the conference rooms where you can secure yourselves and be able to call for help from a mobile device. Being diligent, help others but if they are not moving as quickly, leave them and get yourself secure.The most important concern here is, self awareness. Understand your workplace, your floor where things are, where this person might be in respect to your location and how to quietly move around. Know each window and what's below it. In certain case, jumping is not recommended however, if its landing is protected maybe an option.

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