" Why Business Wants More Power Over IT Purchases".

Over time, IT spend has been an unknown to other departments within the Company. At times, it could be $ millions depending on the need and department leaders within, were dumbfounded to why they couldn't get their individual funding approved because of over expenditures. Now, that's changed. CIOs are now part of the Board of Directors, and IT direction is being discussed at Board meeting on how it affects the business.

Everyone know IT could be costly if not properly controlled. Those of us who understand IT and it's spend knows it has to be refreshed every 18 to 24 months. That's an industry standard not like years ago, we waited for the Hardware and software to fully depreciate and take the amortization after 4 years. If that's done today, your IT is outdated.

When I saw this article, it was clear that the CLOUD hasn't been fully appreciated and education still needs to be delivered. We as IT Professionals need to visualize where the industry is going, we are still at the very beginning of what can be achieved within the Cloud. Virtualization was the TIP now it's IOT solutions which allows every organization the ability to fully appreciate it's value at a lower TCO.

Software solutions are catching up and Hardware is there so, let's understand how we can marry them both for your organization for a better IT control of expenditure.

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