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IBM introduces Bluemix Open Whisk to Better Connect Data to Serverless Apps, great concept however, needs to be understood. Obviously, serverless doesn’t mean there are no servers anymore; it means you don’t have to worry about servers and the allocation of its services. IBM’s Michael Behrendt told eWEEK. perhaps we should call it “worryless” computing. “That may express the value proposition better!” Berendt said.Behrendt knows what he’s talking about; he’s a Distinguished IBM Engineer and the company’s chief architect for Serverless and Event-Driven Apps, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform.

All of this is relevant because IBM on April 27 announced it has added new capabilities to Bluemix Open Whisk, its serverless computing platform that uses Docker containers, to help developers securely connect event-driven programming into outside data streams.

This expansion of Open Whisk enables developers to expose serverless actions as secure and controlled APIs on the cloud, ostensibly making it quicker to build IoT and cognitive solutions. This is enabled by a new API gateway on Open Whisk that acts as gatekeeper between an external source–such as an uploaded image–and a corresponding Open Whisk action–such as Watson Visual Recognition tagging that image.

Traditionally, developers that use serverless often must configure and secure external endpoints manually. The latest evolution of IBM’s serverless offering does this for developers automatically, helping them to more easily embed cognitive intelligence, cloud data services, and IoT sensor data within apps.

Open Whisk’s expanded user experience also tracks and analyzes usage data for each serverless action invoked, helping teams to better understand when and why different cloud services are used.

This is great for the Cloud application Users as well.

Comments are welcomed.

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