Professional Services;
Which includes;

Mainframe Services and Capabilities

Mainframe hardware/software team consisting of over 50 years combined technical experience in IBM/Oracle virtual environments.

Assist customer with migration and policy changes to support a mainframe tape infrastructure to a virtual tape environment.

Implementation services for clustering and encryption solutions.

Manage and coordinate DR setup and testing.

Manage hardware installs and microcode upgrades for tape libraries and mainframe disk and virtual tape.

Expertise in software upgrades and coordinate testing of new software..i.e. JES2, JCL, IBM utilities, HSM, FDR, TSO/ISPF, DB2, TCP-IP/Ficon, CDRT, EXLM, and SMS.

Work with various mainframe hardware/software vendors (IBM, Oracle).

Prepare written standards and procedure guidelines for transfer of knowledge and ongoing operations.

Generate weekly progress reports managed by the AISSC team.

Software solutions implemented included: HSC7.0, SMC 7.0, VTCS (VMS5-Clustering, Tapeless) 7.0, ExLm, HTTP, MVC/CSC, ExPr LibStation, CDRT, VSM Vault Utility, KMS2.1 Encryption

Desk-side Services

Desktops Include:

Windows Operating System Licensing and Maintenance

McAfee MOVE Antivirus Protection

McAfee Anti-Malware Desktop Setup

Two Factor Authentication


VPN Configurations

Provide internet connectivity and all hardware at client locations

Hosting of AD Instance

Custom Virtual Servers File Servers Include:

As Many Servers as Required or Requested Flat Price per GB of storage

All Services Include

Private ShareFile Platform

Performance Guarantee

Anti-Malware Protection

Anti-Virus Protection

Custom Snapshot Settings

Compliance Assurance

Initial Data Migration/Move

NETWORK Design and Troubleshooting


Build, Design and develop Network infrastructures

fine tune HUBS and installation of firewalls. Plus more.