Sentinnel, SAS

Live Real Time Situation Awareness at it's best.

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AISSC, Corp teamed with Axipitur of Maryland who developed the Live Situation Awareness Software, FALCON EYE. As we market and sell under our brand of IoT Solutions,  the name Sentinnel SAS was developed.


Sentinnel SAS as you read is an extremely robust solution which address;

  • Public Safety and Security:

    • First Responders Community with a common operating picture​

    • Real time Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR)​

    • Real time Bi-Directional communications and authentication

      • (Cellular & Vehicle Telematics)​.​​

  • DHS requirements are used in the algorithms for which Sentinnel SAS monitors.

  • Drone Detection

  • Data Analytics

  • Customized User interfaces

  • Facility infrastructure

    • Integrates Blue prints/layouts​

    • Video, Audio and environmental Data

    • Real time Tenant/User Data

  • Occupant Identification and screening

    • Screens in real time​

    • Geo-locate Occupants in Real time
  • SOCIAL Media Data Mining
    • Social Media monitoring of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Etc.etc... ​
    • Integrate Artificial Intelligence for Real Time Video Processing.
    • Open Architecture for Technology Insertion
  • School Security
    • Avert Shootings by monitoring live cameras; Cell phone usage and Social Media activity​