Active Shooter Training
Pre-assessments and reassessments are done prior to an Active Shooter training course completion. The evaluation is an important part of this course for the certified instructor to properly evaluate the routes to exits and what steps to take when the 1st responders arrive. 
Based on the FBI, there are more Active Shooter incidents on a monthly basis than is reported to the press.

  • Since 2006 every 2.9 months there is a active shooter incident in the U.S. resulting in 4 or more deaths.

  • There are 20 mass shootings in the U.S. every year.

  • In today's climate, it's no longer if it will happen, it's more when it will happen.

  • It's incumbent upon those in charge to do their due diligence to keep those under their charge safe in their environments.

  • Effective training, policies and procedures, conducting exercises and drills eliminates or reduces the chances of government or private entities from being held vicariously liable.

  • Security assessments are an additional aspect of determining the security and vulnerability of facilities. Facilities can no longer be open, they have to be secured, but open or accessible.

  • The mindset of secured facilities, policies and procedures that promote safe environments have to come from leadership and pushed down throughout the organization.

Our Goal-; like every High rise building who keeps a fire log in their Lobby, we want an Active Shooter Log as well side by side.