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                                                                    Mission Statement

                                                                      Customer First

“Customer first means without Customers, there’s no business. All Customer issues, concerns and support services are addressed above all and retaining them are at our utmost value”.



We are a Minority owned Solutions provider supporting New York Metro to the Mid Atlantic areas. We represent the best in class for IoT, Public Safety and situation awareness software. Solutions under the IoT such as, Violence against women, Prisons and Corrections Data bases where big data analytics gather details during term and re-entry of specific felons.


We also provide detailed tracking, reporting and complying analysis of Health and Human Services providing a common operating picture across agencies to provide improved Public Safety.


In addition, the primary business of having a data center return the best ROI overall by using Cloud services are important. The most valued and secured Cloud providers such as AWS and Azure are partnered with us to bring such quality services to our Customers. We are New Jersey’s #1 minority IoT Solutions provider by partnering with best-of-breed IoT manufacturers.


We are located in the Central part of the State and have been here since 2005 and getting stronger each year.